swap and journal project: bury me in leaves

when i was a student in indie business 2.0 earlier this year, i met heidi of bury me in leaves.

we were fast friends and exchanged words of mutual adoration for each other's style.  thus, we decided to collaborate on a project.

after brainstorming ways we could mix our art, we decided to create a traveling art journal.

the journal is divided into four sections: color, dreams, stories, and goals.

we are creating prompts for each other in each section and sending the book back and forth between virginia and california.

i purchased the journal in a local art store...

and i started the project by designing the title pages for color and stories...

we also decided to do a swap with the first round of the journal, so here is the fabulous combination of delights that she sent me...

i love it all, from the teeny tiny nail polish in baby blue to the cursive alphabet fabric.  i wore the necklace to school today and the leafy book is now going to be my official garden journal.

here is the post of the swap treats i sent her.  of course i absolutely had to send ms. pumpkin pie a jar of trader joe's delicious pumpkin butter!

oh, and heidi designed lovely title pages and beautiful work in response to my first prompts.  the dog who dreams of wings melts my heart. <3

now that the journal is back in my possession, i have new pages to make.

i'm sooooo excited and i love this project.

heidi is a truly cool, charming, positive, and talented artist/friend/collaborator!

soon, i will send the journal back to her and when she gets it i will post my new pages.



Heidi pumpkin pie said...

This is the sweetest thing I've ever read!
You are the best. I just screamed at Stephen when I saw your post haha

I'm very lucky to know you and be doing this project with you :)

ALFIE said...

this is the greatest!!! such a fun, creative idea :)

Bethany Mason said...

Absolutely love this idea and am seriously considering starting one of my own with a bloggy friend - thanks for the inspiration.

diane said...

@heidi...right back at ya, ms. pumpkin pie! <3

@alfie...thanks! i highly recommend this for wonderful friendship and artistic inspiration.

@bethany...yes yes! you should do it. it is such a joy!

Kess said...

Bethany just sent me the link so I must be the 'bloggy friend' :) What a great idea! I love what you and Heidi have done so far! I am really looking forward to creating one with Bethany. Thanks for sharing this!

diane said...

kess, that's wonderful!

it's so inspiring.

have fun!

Ashley said...


i love, love, love, this project! i can't wait to do something like this! you are so clever! :)