the impermanence of life

check out this amazing time-lapse video of a group of buddhist monks creating a sand mandala at emory university in atlanta, georgia earlier this year.

it is the most wonderful idea for me to consider right now, especially in light of my tender garden heart.

i think a garden is just like a sand mandala: it is a temporary creation of great devotion, love, and beauty which ultimately returns to the river.

the fleming museum at the university of vermont recently had a sand mandala created as well...

...their website gives more information about these beautiful pieces of sacred art.


ALFIE said...

that video is amazing!

and i love all the garden updates!

diane said...

thank you alfie!

i am happy you are here.

sara said...

when i was in college a group of monks created a mandala at my school. it was fascinating and wonderful and meditative to watch them working so hard on such a beautiful thing...and the sounds were amazing too.

diane said...

sara, that sounds incredible. i would love to experience this in person.