music crush: meklit hadero

her music is described as jazz + ethiopia + san francisco + poetry...

...i really love it.

check out her website or this NPR feature for a listen and some history.

i'll be back tomorrow with pictures of my journal project and swap with heidi pumpkin pie of bury me in leaves.

and i am thrilled to say this (drumroll please)...

i planted my entire garden on saturday!

update and stories coming on weeds + water wednesday.

i hope your june is just lovely so far.



Hearthandmade said...

im goin to check her out right now!

ALFIE said...

YEAH for the garden planting!!

and oh.my.god. this girl!!! can she sing or WHAT???? amazing!! thanks so much for telling us about her!!

D&D said...

oh i am so adding her to my download list!!!

diane said...

@hearthandmade...i would love to hear what you thought!

@alfie...my pleasure. :)

@d&d...excellent. enjoy!