weeds + water wednesday: sideways rain


i must confess:

i am having a difficult time getting my garden going in this mercurial weather.

sadly, every time i plan to plant we are once again in the midst of a day filled with cold grey foggy misty windy sideways rain.

is it possible that next week is JUNE?!?

this el nino business has got to go.

i need some inspiration to help me through this!

perhaps i should ponder the albert camus quote i saw earlier today:

"in the depth of winter i finally learned 
that in me was an invincible summer."

i did sketch some potting diagrams this week and find this tutorial on using a toilet paper roll to start seedlings...

...however, there are no new plants on my porch.

ah, well.  c'est la vie!

it is my sincere hope to report back to you next week with some happier garden news.


jackiebean said...

aww, i'm sorry to hear about the weather keeping you from gardening. boo on el nino! hopefully things will begin to look up for you soon. hope you have a fabulous memorial weekend, diane!

diane said...

thank you jackie!

my weekend was lovely, and the weather is FINALLY sunny!!!

let the garden party begin...

ALFIE said...

i have my first garden this year and i'm loving it!!! once you can get everything in the ground--nature takes over!!

hopefully you found a nice sunny day to plant plant plant!!

love your blog!

diane said...

thank you alfie!

the sun is supposed to be brilliant tomorrow so i will FINALLY be planting.


what are you growing?