music crush: robyn

the amazing robyn has a new album being released in june.

i love the first single, "dancing on my own."

here is the video...

...i have adored her for at least a decade!

i don't want to geek out and gush too much, but i think her new album is going to be one of my top summer jams.


D&D said...

oh i am geeking out! show me love robyn! show me love!

diane said...

yes!!! show me love is one of my top twenty songs of all time.

i love love love love it.

note: i have heard a sneak peek of robyn's new album and i think it's awesome.

a la Modest said...

I found out about Robyn through Pitchfork a couple of months ago. She's got some neat tunes. I especially loved "Fembot" and a bunch of other songs from that album. She's got potential.

PS-- got here through Sassy Smolak! :)