spontaneous hiatus


i took an unexpected and unplanned week away from my beloved blog.

this is the longest amount of time that i have been silent here since i started this adventure in january.

it wasn't an intentional absence.

i got swooped up into a frenzy of job search + holiday weekend busy-ness and the time zipped right by me.

well, i am happy to have returned and want to share a few little snaps that i've collected on my diphone during my time away...

wall star spotted while on a coffee date in petaluma

steampunk snail with flaming antennae at maker faire

cupcake car at maker faire

storybook camper at maker faire

roses at park in sebastopol

...friends, it feels good to have had a blog break.

but it feels much better to be back.


jackiebean said...

my oh my, you've been a busy gal! i'm glad you're back. your blog is one of my favorites. :) i can't get over how cute that storybook camper is!

ALFIE said...

oh my!!! i love that coffee shop wall! and those flowers are gorgeous!!

glad you had a good time over the holiday!!

diane said...

@jackiebean...aw, how sweet of you! <3 i loooove that camper - the detail was fantastic. so creative and cute.

@alfie...the wall was covered with those stars!!! it was really cool. and the roses are going crazy all over town now that the sun has emerged. beautiful.