foodstuff: the results are in...

last week, i told the continuing tale of my life as a baker in this post.

i asked for your votes on what i should first attempt from peter reinhart's cookbook artisan breads every day.  

thank you for your enthusiastic responses!  i wish you could all be here to taste the results.

speaking of which, the votes are in...

cinnamon buns: 1
challah: 1
focaccia: 3

so we have a winner!

focaccia will be the first baked deliciousness from this beautiful book.  next friday i will report back with the results!

now i've got to go get ready for a secret event tomorrow which i will document and tell you all about next week.

in the meantime, here are a two caramel recipes i am daydreaming about...

david lebovitz's salted butter caramels

nothing but bonfires' fleur de sel caramels

...did i mention that candy making scares me too?



Sal said...

now i am craving for caramel candy and it's only 9:30am! can't wait to see your focaccia! xo

jackiebean said...

yay! looking forward to the focaccia. those caramels look so yummy. my only downfall after my carb love is my killer sweet tooth. :)

diane said...

@sal...caramel has a special place in my heart. i adore it. perhaps a caramel sticky bun for breakfast?

@jackiebean...um, you and i are on the same page with our carb love and sweet teeth. see my above response to sal where i suggest indulging both at the same time.

Jaime said...

Since I missed the first vote for bread, I am pre-voting for bread mission #2. Cinnamon Buns!!! And I wanna sample them too. ;P

diane said...

@jaime...kevwrex will be delighted with your vote. you two can be the quality control tasting team! <3