weeds + water wednesday: new beginnings

last week, i discussed my excitement and enthusiasm for getting my garden started during the 350 garden challenge weekend.

alas, ever since that post the weather has been rainy, foggy, damp, dreary, chilly, and generally not supportive of my plan.

my "beau-pere" (the french word for "father-in-law") is a lifelong gardener and more recently also a grower of grapes.  he once shared with me the ultimate zen statement for just such a situation: 

"wulp, that's farmin'."  

there is a story that accompanies this phrase.  at the moment, i cannot recall who passed this wisdom on to him.  however, i think of it often and it helps me to practice the art of letting go.

that being said, i still wanted to make at least a little bit of garden progress if at all possible.

so here is the report:

i brought the entire potted herb garden up onto the table and took a looooong look at it...

...i had to face the fact that the last few weird el nino weather weeks have not been kind to most of my plants.

well, i also had to accept that i have been a very neglectful horticulturist this winter (read: i ignored my garden almost completely since last august).

here is a visual close up of a few victims...

plant formerly known as sage 

plant formerly known as chocolate mint

plant formerly known as oregano

even the wild weed that grew over the winter died!

...on the bright side, my rosemary is looking lovely and my chives are thriving.  check out one of the pretty purple chive flowers...

chive talkin'

 ...after careful contemplation over all of this, i decided to do some spring cleaning.  i liberated everyone except for the rosemary and chives...

...i thought that perhaps i should just start with a clean slate, but i admit that i felt a little guilty about the whole scene.

wulp, that's farmin'.

i let it go, embraced what is, and moved on.
using my diphone evernote app, i recorded some voice notes about the empty pot inventory.  

this week i plan to listen to the notes and do some drawing/sketching/planning of what will be planted and where.

come on, sunshine and warmth!  i am ready for you.


Roxanne said...

I use my voice memo all the time too. They're super funny because they're all half whispers before I go to bed, trying not to wake my husband.

Ps. I saw you're on the list for Pin It Forward too! I can't wait to see yours.

Reid Family said...

For posterity, the "well" should be "wulp". Great blog!


D&D said...

chives are lookin' good! its my only plant that thrives. ha.

diane said...

@roxanne...i love voice notes! so fast and easy. and super excited about pin it forward!!! just started playing with the software yesterday.

@bp...oh yes! i forgot about "wulp!" i laughed so hard when i read your comment. then i edited the post to reflect the real sentiment in all its splendor.

@D&D...thanks for the chive love. they make me feel good even though i haven't done a thing differently with them than all the other sad specimens.