{snaps} bridges + fractals

during these early spring months, i have been away from the inn doing some deep inner work.

my days have been filled with gentle yoga, yerba mate, new friendships, ecstatic dancing, mindfulness meditation, stream-of-consciousness writing, adventures, and photography...

{my wonder twin}


{radiant willow}

{peach blossoms}

wonderful shifts and changes are occuring within me as well as all around me.

how are you, dear friends? you have been missed.


Petra said...

busy, but good. I have also discovered yoga for myself. and getting ready for some big changes... glad you are doing well :)

beka {ginger*urchin} said...

...so glad to hear your voice again, dear heart :) We must be slightly offset stars: as you return, I step back for my own time of inner workings... Serendipitously, you were the one I mentioned in my post today ;)