{challenge} yoga

yoga has been beckoning me in recent months.

i practiced regularly when i lived in los angeles a decade ago.

it quietly slipped out of my life in recent years.

in february, i gently began practicing again in my studio at home.

this week, i started a thirty day yoga challenge with my gal pal bekah.

april is already full of poses, bliss, and vitality.



Petra said...

I am currently on a 80 day yoga challenge. I missed a day here and there, but it seems I usually get six out of seven days. I actually hope, come the end of May, to keep doing it on a daily basis. it really does make a difference!

rociel said...

ooh, can i join in (from a distance)? probably can't afford to do it at my studio every day, but sending you good yoga vibes from the south bay!

Mary said...

yoga came looking for me this month, too.

namaste, diane.

thinking of you and sending love!

bgk said...

So excited to be doing this! Especially with you!

Jo said...

it's so beautiful how things drift out of our lives, and then resurface when it's time...aaahhh, the universe is so mysterious and wonderful!