new year tradition: in a word {round two}

when i moved to san francisco almost a decade ago, i started a new year's eve tradition. on the last night of each year, i write a variety of words on slips of paper, place them in a little bag, and carry them with me on my adventures.

throughout the evening, i offer this bag to people with some variation of the following statement:

this is a bag of words.
would you like to choose one?
it is up to you what to do with it.
you could embrace it as a mystical message for the year ahead.
you could simply ponder its meaning for a moment.
you could peek at it, laugh, and recycle it
at the nearest waste receptacle.
it's up to you...
would you like to choose one?

it gives me such joy when people choose a word from the bag.

there is always an interesting variety of responses: delight, silence, laughter, dismay, amazement, confusion, and recognition.

i often hear enthusiastic stories, explanations of personal meaning, and ruminations on possibilities for the coming year.

some people forget this word completely after pulling it from the bag, and some people still have this word in their wallet from many years ago.

last year, i spontaneously decided to share my tradition here at the inn.

including you was so much fun that i decided to do it again this year!

and so, without further ado, here is twentytwelve's stardusty bag full of words...

how it works:

i will randomly choose a word from the bag for you, photograph it, and email you the image. the photo is a gift from your innkeeper and is officially yours to use in any way you wish.

if you would like a word, please do one of the following:

leave me a comment below


email me here

i truly look forward to sending these words to your wondrous corners of the universe.

cheers to a new year, dear friends!


Ratty Hugs said...

I would love a word, you may guide my destiny.

Maria said...

I've totally missed out on these! I'm doing my best to catch up - but what a great idea. Am I in time to have a word? Hope you had a lovely Christmas! (And Happy New Year of course!)

Courtney said...

I would love a word, what a great idea!

Kagan said...

Hello pal! I still remember my word from last year: Imagine. I can't wait to see what comes out of your magical little bag for me this year! P.s.- I adore the glitter. xO

Emily said...

Word, please! My word from last year was growth - I'm not totally sure where and how it manifested in 2011, but I did think of it every so often and smile.

diane said...

hello friends!

just checking in to say thank you for joining me! what fun! :)

to everyone above this comment: i have started working on your words tonight and will send you an email as soon as they are ready.

to anyone who hasn't joined in yet: there is still an abundance of shimmery words in my bag...

Beka*B said...

absolutely count me in! I would love to be touched by my favourite innkeeper's startdusty, glittery, shimmery, sparkly new words. please, please, please with sugar sprinkles on top!!!

d'Artagnan said...

I would love a word! j.dartagnan.love@gmail.com

Mary said...

YAY! I'd so love a word! I remember reading about this this year.

Happy New Year, love.

Roxy said...

is it too late to still get a word from you?

diane said...

hello, my friends!

innkeeper update:

all word requests above this comment have been sent.

there are still sparkly words in my bag...feel free to ask for one if you haven't done so already!


Jo said...

How magical! I would LOVE a word! :)

Jo said...

p.s. I think you have it already, but just in case:


diane said...

hello jo! i sent your word this afternoon. enjoy!

anyone else? there are still words in my bag...


MaudieLou said...

Hello, I would love a word if you still have some left. What a neat project!
-Amy, starrydoor108@yahoo.com

keishua said...

I could use a word!!

Observers of Life said...

What a great idea! I would love to have a word from your beautiful bag! Hopefully, there are a few words left.....