rites of passage: el pulpo mecanico

oh my.

your innkeeper has returned from the desert in a swirly twirly cloud of dust and dreams.

i had an epic adventure, a magical journey, a sacred pilgrimage.

currently i am experiencing "afterburn" which is the opposite reaction to all of the intensity experienced in black rock city. for me, this is a combination of exhaustion, glow, inspiration, sadness, confusion, joy, and a miraculous multitude of ideas.

i missed the inn immensely but shared it with many new people and filled my creative well for the year ahead.

today, when i sat down to write this post i felt a sense of total overwhelm...where to start with something so big?

the answer to this question: just start somewhere.

so the first gift i share with you is my favorite mutant vehicle of the week: a fiery steampunk octopus called "el pulpo mecanico" which lived down the street from my camp...

{photo by rienchien}

i could see this fantastic creation every morning when i peeked my dusty head out of my gypsy tent.

more amazement to follow as i ponder, process, make meaning, and find words to articulate my rites of passage.

sending an enormous amount of love to you from the inn!


faerian said...

welcome home

Beka*B said...

welcome home, friend :) I have missed your words and have wished you a magical journey of metamophosis... I look forward to hearing more of your desert adventures soon :D Hugs

sara said...

welcome back, dear!

Anonymous said...

welcome back. you were missed!!! :)

diane said...

thank you all for a warm welcome home! xoxo

Mary said...

I saw this set of pictures on boston.com and thought you might be interested in checking them out:

Burning Man at 25 years http://bo.st/o7fokY

diane said...

mary...those are beautiful! thank you for thinking of me. i truly love the photography that emerges from the burn.

A Bird Out of Water said...

I can totally relate, and I can appreciate the 'just start somewhere'. When I got home from my trip it took me over a week to post anything because I just felt like I didn't even know how to start! But 'just start somewhere', right?

I've always been intrigued by burning man, and to be honest, not sure I 100% understand what it is and why one goes, but maybe that is the point? ;)