{love} roll with it

as is sometimes the case in the life of an artist, i am currently navigating the exhilarating highs and deep dark lows of being a sensitive soul.

when i am murking around in the muck of existential angst, i focus on little acts of love for myself.

like going roller skating...

{resting on the side of the trail in my sparkle skates}

or wandering around in the used book store dreaming of paris...

{from the beautiful blog chocolate + zucchini}

or watching cool videos with big thumpy expansive music...

{sent by my beloved friend ami}

just a few teeny tiny ways i metaphorically hug myself and say: sweet lifelong friend, i adore you. let's have some fun together, shall we?

dear guests, you deserve these acts of kindness. have you gone on a fun little date with yourself lately?


Kagan said...

pal! in your sparkle skates you're the queen of style..you make me smile like a crocodile..i think you're tops, yep the bees knees..if you were a flower you wouldn't make me sneeze..i hope this has helped to make you smile..if not then i'll just drop into a pile.

cheer up, okay pal?

p.s.- for myself lately when i'm feeling a little bit lost..i light a candle and sit in the dark staring into it and then i feel better. xo

p.p.s- i totally wrote that poem for you on the fly, it was that or tell you a silly joke. trust me, i'm not that funny.

Yogi on a Wire said...

I am surfing that same water. Thank you for remind me to be sweet to myself. <3

Mary said...

needed this reminder. first thing on the list to do

....and then all the other stuff.

Sending love your way, sweet friend.

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to be kinder to myself, but these days things are so messy that I get anxious way too often, so your words were a good reminder...

thank you

Foxglove Lane said...

Go girl! You look so good in wheels, this years top look for carrying you from day to evening! My fun this week was wild swimming in Brandon Creek in Kerry, best spa in the world!! X

Anonymous said...

Those are some sweet wheels, Diane! I want to go rollerskating with you one day when I'm on your coast. I'm not very good, but I'll bring elbow pads! I definitely think some "self" time is important during those days when you feel blue, and I think a little bookshop browsing and figure eights are just what the doctor ordered :)

cb said...

i need more roller skating in my life, we got a pair recently and really need to put some dents in them!


Celina Wyss said...

Glad you are taking some time for some self care. I used to rollerskate way back when. So much fun!

sara said...

i've been thinking about you rolling around in the sunshine all week, singing a tune.

be good to yourself chickadee...you are loved :)