{dance} out of my mind

last night i went out and danced. it was a hot sweaty summer soiree with a room full of wildly grooving humans. a brilliant dj created a masterful soundscape which compelled me to dance with mental abandon for hours.

musical movement is an excellent thing for me when i have a head full of confusion...

dancing allows me to let go.

and friends, sometimes i really need to let go.

dance is a sweet, sacred relief from all the thinking that goes on in the cranium of this innkeeper...

it feels deeply important to express feelings without needing to use words. there are some feelings for which there are no words, and dancing allows me to have a wordless soul session with my deep self.

also, connecting with other people in dance is profoundly healing...

when i am dancing, archetypes of characters in my life story float around and engage with me. i find this is difficult to explain, but the theater girl in me can best say it with will's words: all the world's a stage. the players dance about for me and help me untangle the oft perplexing snarls which intellect cannot tame.

laughter, sadness, mischief, confusion, heartbreak, joy, longing, anger, desire, loneliness, creativity, and grace can all be poured out onto the dance floor. it is a swirl of human experience, and within it we are each alone and yet totally together.

tell me, friends: have you danced lately? what does dancing do for you?


Katie said...

I wish that I could dance. Unfortunately, I'm not coordinated enough. Care to teach me?


beka*b said...

Oh! All those things and more, dear one :) I trained in classical ballet for over a decade and dance is a great medium of expression for me. I can become free while another being takes me over, consuming me with it's passion. I take flight on wings as the music moves through me, telling me how to move. My heart swells and my brain is on fire for it. Bliss. Heaven. Euphoria. Ecstacy. Peace...

Mim Smith Faro said...

I love to dance wildly with abandon but unfortunately the rest of my family thinks I am embarrassing.

I feel like I am too young to be in the body I am :(

Mary said...

I love dance.

I danced for many years growing up. Jazz, tap, ballet, modern, lyrical, hip-hop, ... I was never serious about dance, in that I wanted to be the best dancer or have the best technique. (And, good thing, because I didn't have it!)

For me, dance has always been about connecting with other people, having fun, feeling the music, and moving my body.

My favourite musical dance moments are the slow dances that occur in my bedroom with my partner, or the wild living room dance showdowns with my nephew.

Dancing is wonderful. Lovely to read about your dance experience, Diane.

cb said...

oh man i want to go dancing so bad! i need to find a night to go do that. something about dancing is so freeing and it feels so good!

diane said...

katie...it would be a pleasure. exuberant dance lessons at the inn! <3

beka...i did not know this about you but i am absolutely enamored with the poetry you used to describe your experience as a dancer! how wonderful! thank you for telling me this. inspired.

mim...innkeeper assignment: go dancing where no one knows you + cannot be embarrassed by you. let it all just fly out with no compromise! and friend, you are indeed young. i hope you read my post on vitality. xo

mary...how wonderful to hear about the dance in your life, my dear! beautifully written. dance is such an excellent part of life. <3

cb...dancing does feel good! and there are so many fun places in the bay area to do it. any favorites?