garden slumber party

one of the great joys of my weekend was camping in the vineyard garden at the reid ranch...

i adored sleeping amidst growing plants, misty dew, redwood trees, and softly singing birds.

walk with me through a few magical moments...

{zucchini blossom}

{artichoke blossom}


{beans + barn}

{sunlight + sunflower}

{full foliage grapevines}

{onward + upward}

{vine + sky}

{tendrils + tiny web}

{sunset glow}

{grapes growing}

{glowing gnome caves + dancing blue flames}


marci said...

The artichoke blossom is so pretty!

ALFIE said...

if i could create my own heaven--- it'd be waking up in that vineyard, every morning, for the rest of my days. such a lovely lovely post. you captured the essence of that outdoor space perfectly! :)

Sana said...

First time inn guest...love it (photos too!) We stayed at a B&B in the Catskills this weekend in lieu of camping which was oversold but we still had a great time. Singing pond frogs and a cool night's breeze.

diane said...

marci...isn't it such a cool color? a giant thistle bursting with purple.

alfie...i hope you come visit someday. it's a slice of wonder and i would love to share it with you in person! thanks for your sweetness.

sana...welcome to the inn! i'm so happy you are here. ahhhh, a b+b with singing frogs + cool breeze in the catskills sounds simply delightful.

knitxcore. said...

i'm the most jelly. haha. who knew artichokes were so pretty?

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a beautiful and magical place! Every place you take photos of seems so magical :)

Mim Smith Faro said...

Such fun! I am going to sleep out in our yard with the kids later in the summer.

I had no idea artichokes looked like that! How cool.

diane said...

robbie...artichokes are so purplicious! they are basically a giant thistle, which makes me think of eeyore. :D

katie...oh, thank you my dear! how sweet. i try to capture the magic of a place and conjure it up again here at the inn. your kind words make my innkeeper heart happy.

mim...yes! i love a camping trip at home. the beauty of sleeping outside with the convenience of running water, bathrooms, and easy food. i'm planning to do it again this summer.