foodstuff: homemade nutella

this week, i bought my first jar of nutella.


yes, that's right...

i have never once in my life purchased the rich creamy chocolate hazelnut spread and brought it into my house.

of course, i have consumed this deliciousness at restaurants on many occasions, most frequently between the layers of a warm buttery crepe.

but somehow i never brought a container of it home until now.

it's ridiculously good on lots of simple things, like toast or bananas.

well, i'm totally hooked and now i would like to try making my own...

this recipe, from david lebovitz, seems simple and would fill the inn with the smell of toasty hazelnuts and melted chocolate.

yes, indeed.

perhaps next year i will participate in world nutella day, where "thousands of bloggers and fans worldwide celebrate italy's edible treasure."

dear guests, are any of you nutella lovers? have you ever made your own version of this delight?


Lisa Marie said...

I am a Nutella lover, or better put,a Nutella-a-holic! I want to try making my own, too, thanks for sharing this!

Petra said...

I grew up on Nutella. it was the only thing my mum got me to eat in the mornings, and she had to go through great lengths to get it since back then we lived in East Germany where you couldn't buy it... love, love, love Nutella :)

Amanda said...

That looks like a great idea! I have to try that!

beka*b said...

needless to say, the punkies (and I) adore it, though I've never made my own... but I might ;)

knitxcore. said...

gahhhhh. mah fave! i love it on toasted ciabatta! <3333

Mim Smith Faro said...

My 10yo son LOVES the stuff. I like it in small doses. The home-made version does sound lovely. Maybe I'll make some with my son.