{art} an absolute mistress

i am currently engaged in a tantalizing tango with my muse.

she is a beautiful, beguiling, saucy, and sometimes elusive creature.

this dance we are doing is a new one for us.

we've been together for a long time. since the very beginning, actually. but we have had many different relationships, manifestations, and dances over the years.

our current partnership is simultaneously delightful and confusing.

right now, i'm bashful but excited, fumbling around, learning new steps, joyfully riding the waves, awkwardly feeling it out as we go.

there are many highs and lows within this process.

to sort out my oft confusing emotions, i seek solitude in my studio.

i light incense, meditate, crank up the music, write, and dance.

today, in addition to doing these things, i'm giving myself an artist date.

my muse and i will be laying on the floor with cushy pillows and listening to the following...

radiolab: me, myself, and muse

ted talk: mihaly csikszentmihalyi on flow


Becca said...

This lady sits with her strawberries + yogurt and summer breeze, thanking you for the lovely artist date. That radiolab piece was formidable; reminds me a lot of Liz Gilbert's TED talk, which is another fave of mine. Let's make a bargain to keep showing up!

jackiebean said...

great radiolab episode! that elizabeth gilbert - she is a wise woman. kind of reminds me of my favorite inn keeper. ;) and yes, very similar to her ted talk.

ALFIE said...

radiolab and TED..... muses in and of themselves. great stuff!

beka*b said...

...actually talking of which, I have recently had a chance to participate in 'The Artist's Way' right here in town. I am still pondering whether to do so or not...

Becca said...

Interesting...the idea that improving our skills helps improve our chances of being in FLOW. Such a good 'growth mindset.' Guess I better get writing!