{summer snaps} june swoon

this innkeeper has been soaking in the sensory summer delights of nature, friends, and food...

{peaches on the grill}

{grass naps}

{melissa's lemon tarts}

{reid ranch redwood gazing}

{ripe meyer lemons}

{outdoor pixie kitchen}


{roasted corn}

{sherbet skies + lush green hills}


Mary said...

What fun. I've never seen peaches on the grill before. I'm definitely going to give that a try once I'm back home. Yum!

It's so nice to see that you've been able to really take advantage of your time off.

Enjoy it ALL!

Much love to you.

Jo said...

I've never put peaches on the grill, but you can bet I will now! They look so gorgeous in your photo!

All of these photos are great! It's so much fun to see summer through the eyes of friends in different places!

Celina Wyss said...

I must say that I have never heard of peaches on the grill. I'm so intrigued now!

nikkibit said...

I've never heard of grilling peaches! Is it for dessert? ooh, with vanilla ice cream? Boy I hope thats what it is...

Elizabeth said...

I definitely want to come to the Inn today. :)

knitxcore. said...

grilled peaches!!!! yum <3333

Anonymous said...

Mmm... roasted corn- one of my favorite things ever! You live in such a beautiful place :)

diane said...

thanks for all the summer love!

about the peaches: if you have never grilled peaches, i hope you will try it! so easy and completely delicious. the grill intensifies their sweetness and makes them super juicy. we ate ours with a drizzle of tangy yogurt sweetened with honey. yum!

mary...summer vacation is simply glorious.

jo...yes yes try it! methinks you will love it.

nikki...yes, dessert! although i've also heard of a grilled peach and basil salad. they would be scrumptious with vanilla ice cream. your assignment: to try that combo and report back asap! :D

elizabeth...welcome! the door is wide open. it's lovely to have you here.

knitxcore...yum yum yum.

katie...we put butter, salt, and lime on that corn! oh yeah.

Anonymous said...

your summer looks lovely! after seeing your photos I have to make an effort to do more summery things. so you've been literally very inspiring :)


ALFIE said...

diane-- i can't even fathom picking a favorite photo here. from the delish food to the nature shots to the beautiful little every day musings....it's all summer perfection. love love love it all!

Jacqueline Galvin said...

love your blog and love these photos! Epitome of summer

Unknown said...

o my lord-- recipe for lemon tarts? i lurve the aesthetic on those!

diane said...

petra...'tis a pleasure to inspire, dear friend. you inspire me with your adventures on a regular basis. :)

alfie...thank you! you perfectly described why i adore your blog. xo

jacqueline...welcome to the inn! and thanks for the blog love. i'm delighted that you're here.

allison...i do believe that melissa said it's the tartine lemon tart recipe. i don't have the cookbook but i'm guessing you might be able to locate it online. yum!