{snail mail} a note from the inn

stationery makes me swoon.

i have been madly in love with it for as long as i can remember, especially when it comes it a beautifully packaged set.

last week, i was wandering around our local bookstore when i found a table full of curious stationery sets.

this one captured my eye...

it combines four things i love: cute, creepy, colorful, carnival.

it features the artwork of mizna wada, an illustrator in tokyo who happens to be exactly my age...

i immediately purchased it with the intention to send these strange ladies to guests of the inn...

i plan to write notes on these lovelies and send them wooshing out into the world to five guests of the dew drop inn.

would you like to find one in your mailbox?

if so, please leave me a comment with your email below.

all global locations are welcome!

the first five to respond will get a sideshow sweetie via snail mail from the inn.

p.s. my pages up above (about the inn, meet the innkeeper, contact, and web love) are finally alive if you would like to take a peek!


Skooks said...

Ooh! Send me a weird note! I'd love one. :)

nikkibit said...

That would be amazing! Great idea!!!
nmortham at gmail

Monica said...

i just added a snail mail 'joy pocket' for tomorrow, so i's funny to read your post title today, and an offer!

oh yes please.

Felicity said...

I would love to receive a note from you.

felicity.lingle AT gmail

Mary said...


I would LOVE a little note. My email is: maryleach17@hotmail.com

I worked in Korea for a couple of years and they have awesome stationary. It's mostly cute stuff, but you occasionally can find a cute/creepy mix. The bonus is that it is ridiculously cheap, too. I became obsessed with it while I was there!

Thanks, Diane!

beka*b said...

How funny! Great minds think alike: I too am going to be doing a little fun 'snail mail' project this summer - I think it's the perfect time of year for it!

Reflect and Fancy said...

heya, very nice and creative blog!

keishua said...

fun. I always love a great stationary fine. Would love a note.

ALFIE said...

oh! sooo cute! too bad i didn't get here a smidge earlier :)

diane said...

skooks, nikki, monica, felicity, and mary...you will find a strange lovely sideshow gal in your mailbox soon!

beka, keishua, and alfie...the odd ladies are all spoken for, but there will be some other loveliness in your mailbox from the inn soon. :)

alex...thank you, and welcome to the inn!

Jo said...

I'm a fan of cute and creepy, too! These cards are great!!

diane said...

jo...i'm adding you to the loveliness-in-your-mailbox list too! :)