foodstuff: insalata caprese

insalata caprese is on my top ten list of favorite things to eat in the whole wide world.

fresh mozzarella, ripe tomatoes, and fragrant basil all drizzled with olive oil and balsamic vinegar...ah, i find such gustatory joy in this simple but stellar flavor combination.

one of my favorite food/craft/prop stylists, sweet paul, recently posted a delightfully enticing photo of caprese skewers...

this photo is the reason i now have a refrigerator full of fresh ciliegine, heirloom cherry tomatoes, and organic greek basil.

it is also the reason i know that sweet paul's summer digital magazine launches tomorrow morning (06/10/11).

have you seen sweet paul's beautiful digital magazines? if not, check out spring 2011 or fall 2010. i'm in love!

this weekend i plan to eat a lovely plate of caprese while i look at sweet paul's latest brilliance: summer 2011.


Monica said...

wow, "in the whole wide world."?!

i do enjoy fresh basil and mozzarella.
this is great Summer faire.


jackiebean said...

hi buddy! yum. i love this simple salad, too. and i just made it myself this past weekend for a cookout with my east coast friends.

i love sweet paul. just discovered him earlier this year through one of my first ptown friends.


ALFIE said...

these look incredible!!!!! can't wait to go whip some of these up! just perfect!

cb said...

oh of my favorite things to make is a heirloom tomato salad with bbq, so yummy and fresh!


Lynn {hearted girl} said...

yah to sweet paul and all he does, seriously makes my mouth water every time and this dish looks d-vine. and girl... the summer ones launching, for realz? that's so cool. thanks for the tip. ♥

Fabiana said...

I love this super cute take on a caprese salad...sooo FUN!!

ciao from california ;)

Anonymous said...

Mmmm... that's one of my favorite summertime dishes! I could eat it every day I think. Great photos!



diane said...

monica...yes: in the whole wide world.

jackie...hello hello! ah, a cookout sounds so fun. only now getting sunny here and turning into cookout weather. must fire up grill pronto!

alfie...i am guessing you have basil and tomatoes in that gorgeous garden of yours. yum.

cb...heirlooms are delish.

lynn...my pleasure dear friend! :)

fabiana...ciao! waving hello from norcal! welcome to the inn.

katie...i think i could eat it every day too. lovely to see you here at the inn!

Anonymous said...

This is one of my favorite food things as well!!!! I need to get some mozzarella asap because I have a huge basil plant now :) My other favorite way is to toss cherry tomatoes and ciliegine with some pesto :)

diane said...

alyssa...wow, with pesto! that sounds fantastic. *adding to my list* thanks for the idea. xo

Rachell Taylor said...

I love simple food. It makes everything better. I love the skewer idea, I've never done that before.

ALFIE said...

i've made this for lunch the past 2 days in a row :) my tomatoes aren't quite ready---but i added garden fresh basil and it was delish :)

ps: SO SO honored to make your "web love" page. this little inn is one of my favorite places of inspiration as well :)

diane said...

rachell...i've tried the skewer method for parties and it's great!

alfie...isn't it yummy? i ate it all weekend. i'm looking forward to seeing your tomatoes! and as far as the blog love goes: i find myself constantly saying 'yes' and feeling inspired when i visit your blog, so i wanted to spread that love to all guests of the inn. <3