{play} sketch * beatbox * fold

my brain has been quite busy lately.

tonight i decided it was time to stop thinking and just play!

i thought you might want to join in the fun...

draw + animate: odosketch

{found via the lovely lynn of hearted girl}

a flash drawing application
which allows you to draw a picture
and then replay your drawing as an animation.

make a beatbox tune: incredibox

a flash application
created by the musician "the incredible polo"
that allows you to mix his beatbox sounds
to make a cool little tune.

fold a toy: the toymaker

a fun variety of toys
that you can print, cut, fold, glue, and enjoy.

sending you a cup of midweek stardust...i hope you take some time to play!



ALFIE said...

SO fun! love it!!!!

HazelandMare said...

That drawing app looks so cool! I will def have to try that :)

I love playtime- thanks for these tips!

diane said...

alfie...yay! *doing a happy little dance*

katie...my pleasure! i drew lots of silly pictures and spent some time watching other sketches come to life.

Rachele said...

odosketch is very cool. It reminds me of a timelapse I made for one of my drawings. Great links!

<3 Rachele

diane said...

rachele...have i told you how much i love your drawings? because i do. <3

marci said...

So fun! Thanks for sharing these! :)

diane said...

marci...'twas a pleasure to share these. i'm happy you enjoyed them!