foodstuff: grilled corn + avocado + tomato salad

pinterest has become my primary source of delicious new recipes.

for example, the baked oatmeal i wrote about recently was a happy pinterest discovery.

it's a fun and useful tool for me because i'm such a visual gal.

when i worked as a server in upscale restaurants, i could instantly memorize a complicated dish just by looking at it. however, if you gave me a menu which used only words to describe it, i struggled to recall the components.

well, it's summer and the visual splendor of pinterest has me falling in love with beautiful fresh combinations like this...

this recipe was so easy to make and full of really bright seasonal flavors.

it was a simple process: i grilled a few ears of corn, scooped out some ripe avocado chunks, and whipped up a lime-rice wine vinegar-olive oil-avocado dressing. combined with cherry tomatoes, cilantro, salt, and pepper, the result was a bowl full of incredibly vibrant summer tastiness.

based on this experience, i look forward to discovering more savory summer treats through the lovely food pins on pinterest.

of course, i would also love to hear about your favorite summer concoctions. any recipe recommendations for the innkeeper?


HazelandMare said...

That looks oh-so-good. I love avocados. I can eat them 24-7 :)

diane said...

katie...me too! i have a nickname for them: nature's butter. :D

ALFIE said...


ohyouprettythings said...

This looks amazing!! Yumm!! :] Thanks for sharing!

Monica said...

you've mentioned pinterest as a source of recipes before and i still haven't got around to taking a look. i'm a highly visual person too so i know i'll love it.
that's why cookbooks for me must be filled with beautiful food shots.

diane said...

ohyouprettythings...my pleasure! and welcome to the inn. :)

monica...cookbooks with beautiful pictures are fantastic -> i love to browse at bookstores and daydream of deliciousness.

ceecee said...

So glad you liked the recipe! Thanks for putting it on your delighful site!


Becca said...

Looks so good! You should check out foodgawker.com - another great visual food site

diane said...

ceecee...thank you for creating such deliciousness! i plan to make it again as soon as possible - hopefully with tomatoes from my garden next time! :)

becca...that site makes me swoon.