{life} handling the hang time

after personally testing this theory over and over again in my life, i find it to be wildly, wonderfully accurate.

but you know what can be really scary?

the hang time.

those moments after you leap but before the net has appeared.

the space where you've jumped boldly into the air and are looking down but you don't see even a glimpse of anything that's going to catch you yet...

those can be heart-pounding times.

we often avoid leaping because it can be ridiculously frightening. diving into the unknown is contrary to our survival instincts.

however, i think it can also be fantastically exhilarating. and i know from my past that it produces the most awe-inspiring results.

due to decisions, changes, and shifts here at the treehouse, i am currently experiencing hang time in my world.

this floating without anything visible below has given me a burst of zippy adrenaline.

at the moment, i'm considering what sorts of things are good to do when you don't see the net yet. i know it's coming, but right now i'm simply airborne.


there are some tried and true tactics that have helped me with this process in the past. meditation and writing often see me safely through the free falling.

do you have any post-leap and pre-net methods to share with this leaping innkeeper?


Fritzi Marie said...

Dearest Friend,

I think I am in the "hang time" right there with you. I think the one thing that I make myself do when I find myself in the floating zone is reach out. I tend to forget to call my friends or ask for help and I think talking is sometimes the best way to make it. I also love to get lost in a project and see the outcome. That helps me make it to the next step. Leaping is scary and I think doing things that make us feel comfortable help when everything is so unknown. I've been watching my favorite movies to help ground myself. Just the other night I was watching Before Sunrise and I thought of you and your sweet blog. The fortune teller says, "You are both stars, don’t forget it. When the stars exploded billions of years ago, they formed everything that is this world. Everything we know is stardust. So, don’t forget, you are stardust.”
I love love love that quote.

Cheering you on (always) from my little roost in Alabama.

Fritzi Marie

Emily said...

Ooh, I'm not very good with hang time. Embracing it sounds good in theory, but in reality I don't like it at all!

Hope your landing is a soft one.

Citlalli said...

Inspiring post to say the least! The hang time is definitely somewhere I am in right now. The highs and lows of my outlook are the most difficult. Sometimes I feel like nothing can touch me, and then...uncertainty! No ramp to land on!! My way of trying to deal with it is to try and talk about what my insecurities are. It feels much better to let them out! The feedback can be so comforting. Also, listening to music seems to ground me, it brings me into my safety zone.

Mim Smith Faro said...

I pray. I don't know your stance on religion, but honestly prayer has helped me. In those most terrible of times when I am waiting for that net to appear, I pray. Sometimes I don't hear anything, but three times I have heard loud and clear what I am supposed to do.

Maybe saying a prayer or meditating on it will give you some idea of when the net will appear.

((hugs)) I know you will be fine and will take us along on your wonderful ride. I can't wait to read what is going on :)

diane said...

fritzi marie...your words are like sparkly floating magic which zoomed right to my california heart from your alabama roost. i am thrilled to have connected with you, dear one. reading what you wrote made me realize that the net can be the outstretched arms and thoughts of amazing friends. and that quote? well, just pure beauty. love!

emily...it is a somewhat uncomfortable place, isn't it? :)

citlalli...first of all, your name is exquisite. and i love your blog. welcome to the inn! i'm so happy you're here!

wow, you are absolutely right about the highs and lows. there are moments of sheer superhuman feelings, and then moments of astonishing insecurity. these extremes can be tricky to navigate! talking and music are indeed wonderful touchstones in these times. thank you so much for writing this!

mim...yes! you are so right. asking and listening (in many forms) are incredibly important when seeking the net. thank you for the hugs and support. xo

sophie nicholls said...

Oh, I love your site, Diane. I feel I've stumbled on a littl epiece of creative heaven. With stardust. :)

Uncertainty. Not knowing. My way is to allow myself to be with it, to be with the feelings, without judgement.

To breathe.

To get out of my head and that spin cycle in my brain and into my body. My body knows. It knows when to stay still and when to move.

And like you I write. Free-writing. Let go of needing to make meaning and find out what happens when I simply am the writing for a while.

Something useful and interesting always emerges. :)

Anonymous said...

I dislike the hang time too... i am currently in a "hanging situation", and it makes me uncomfortable sometimes. Perhaps I would have made a terrible trapeze artist. :)

But you have such a positive attitude and such a unique view of the world that I know great things and great adventures are right around the corner for you!


Jo said...

Ooooh, the hang time. Hiking, calls to my mom, and an old movie coupled with some wine...that all tends to get me through.
I wish you all the best, and happy landings!

BeccaJ said...

Look at all these lovely people just hanging somewhere in space! I agree that it's important to do things that make your heart happy. Besides writing, I love to take walks alone, or with a sweet pup, somewhere beautiful. And if I can find a sturdy redwood guardian to sit underneath for awhile, so much the better! Go where your heart calls... I feel the possibility of a leap coming my way.

Jazzy E (hivenn) said...

Amazing. x hivenn

beka*b said...

Is there a net, or simply an updraft waiting to catch you and make you soar?

Reading your post above about your love for wings, I think you, like a bird learning to fly simply takes a leap of faith that your wings will spread and that warm, gentle updraft will propel you to soar.

I have lept into the unknown several times in my life, career-wise (both in and out of), heart-wise, becoming a mom, even moving overseas. Each time I embrace that falling moment. When the excitement wears off and fear sets in, going through the motions of a daily routine keep me moving until that net/updraft appears. Also, knowing as much as I can about what I am hoping to gain by leaping helps to ease those fears and breathing deeply, I glide through it...

Lynn {hearted girl} said...

on my fridge is a quote "jump and the net will appear". i try to hold onto that deep inside and am always working on more faith. it's a growing, learning thing but i've loved reading your share. you always pose meaningful thoughts and Diane it really is such a pleasure each time i visit. thank you for being truly awesome. ♥