foodstuff: peach crisp

i love to imagine that when you visit my magical inn, you smell your favorite dessert baking when you walk through the door - that somehow, this innkeeper discovered your very favorite treat in advance and whipped it up just for you.

on the recent occasion of father's day, i concocted a crisp for my wonderful beau-pere because he has always expressed his adoration of baked fruit desserts that involve any sort of delicious crumbly topping.

since it's stone fruit season, i decided to make him a peach crisp...

{the only photo i could manage with my peach-juicy hands}

it was an adaptation of this strawberry rhubarb crisp recipe from the williams-sonoma cookbook essentials of baking...

{a frequently used cookbook from my collection}

i simply substituted six cups of peaches mixed with three tablespoons of sugar for the filling.

in preparation for this recipe, i researched the easiest way to peel a peach. in doing so, i finally tried a kitchen technique that i have oft read about but never attempted: i blanched the peaches.

just so you know how my mind works, this is the imagery in my head when i think of blanching something...

i was delighted to find that blanching peaches (a brief dip in boiling water followed by a brief dip in ice water) is quick and makes the peeling process so easy.

this short tutorial on the kitchn via smitten kitchen showed me how to blanch peaches and made me giggle...

"Deb warns of slippery peaches sliding around on your countertop. Naked fruit doesn't always behave, you know."

it's true. peaches without their skins are slippery creatures indeed!

although i did not taste test the crisp when it was done, i got a wonderful beau-pere review endorsing its yumminess.

dear guests, if you were visiting the inn, what would you want to find baking upon your arrival?


Mim Smith Faro said...

I love crisps too. I'd probably want a peach or apple crisp. Yum.

Anonymous said...

Mmmm... anything peachy is pretty awesome with me!

Amazing Blanche photos, by the way. I miss her sass and sparkle. :)

Monica {bohemian twilight} said...

oh i just visited yur magical inn, what a beautiful and enchanting place!

this sounds delish. any berry in a pie would work for me, or a death-by-chocolate cake.

knitxcore. said...

crisps are great! i love a nice cranberry duff, myself. lol @ "blanching".

Anonymous said...

German style plum cake please :)

ALFIE said...

this looks incredible!

and the pictures of blanche made me laugh out loud.....oh golden girls!

Skooks said...

You know, I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks of Blanche when I read a recipe that calls for blanching . . . I watched A LOT of that with my grandma growing up. It's a tad naughty and my parents never knew! LOL.

diane said...

mim...i have a fantastic apple crisp recipe from kev's grandma great that i would love to bake for you.

katie...then perhaps i could make you tiny peach pies? yes, i miss blanche too. sass and sparkle are two of my favorite things.

monica...raspberry blackberry pie is one of my favorites. i can also envision making you a spectacular death by chocolate cake - with valrhona or scharffenberger chocolate. oh, the delicious smell that would create!

knitxcore...you get one hundred gold stars for introducing me to a new dessert! it sounds sooooo yummy. glad you liked the 'blanching' moment. ;)

petra...i have never made one but would love to bake a 'pflaumenkuchen' for you!

alfie...i love me some blanche devereaux.

skooks...so happy to hear that i'm not alone in my blanche association! when i was searching for the photos above, i saw lots of her quotes which were very naughty and totally hilarious. i don't think my parents knew either - i watched it faithfully. :D

Jaime Jean Klocek said...

You are so sweet! I'd love to try a cherry clafoutis. Mine didn't turn out so great last summer and I have a feeling it has to be great because it has cherries in it.. Or just good ol' cherry pie. I've been known to eat an entire one by myself. YUM!

sara said...

well while we're on the subject of peaches, how about cobbler (which in my book is not crisp or crumble, but involves a magical fluffy-ish top and gooey yummy bottom. served w/ nutmeg and milk please)

diane said...

jaime...ooooh cherry clafoutis! i have made it several times. such comforting sweet rustic yumminess. and i finally got a cherry pitter to make it easier! :)

sara...my mom makes a ridiculous cobbler. i will consult her and add the recipe to my magical list for when you visit. xo