{create} thinking forward

i spent many years of my youth as a performer. my first twenty-five years were filled with dancing, singing, acting, and playing the piano.

on stage, i was always focused on being in the moment and playing my part. i was able to concentrate on my personal work, on my individual contribution...

as i got older and became a director, i had to shift this focus into being responsible for the big picture, developing timelines that involved many people, and creating performance outcomes that depended largely on my ability to be organized.

this was an enormous leap for me!

there were (and still are) many messy moments in my learning curve.

becoming an innkeeper has been an important part of the shift.

when i first started reading blogs as well as writing my own, i constantly thought:

how do all these talented people produce such beautiful, prolific work on a regular basis? i can barely keep up with my life! i'm always flying by the seat of my pants, winging it, putting out fires, and running to catch up with myself... 

slowly, i realized that for me, blogging is like directing a show. seeing the whole picture and planning ahead are immensely helpful if i want to bring my artistic vision to life.

watching other bloggers and writing every day has helped me tremendously. in bits and pieces, i have very gently learned to think ahead and have regular planning sessions.

it has been difficult for me to acquire this skill but it has reduced my anxiety, allowed me to produce better work, and enabled me to enjoy the process more.

two things that have worked for me with planning sessions: keeping it simple (short bursts of time) + keeping it consistent (every day/week at the same time)...

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i will admit that planning isn't my favorite part of being an artist, but it makes my actual creative time so much more fulfilling and free.

what about you, dear guests? do you have planning sessions for your creative work? i'm still learning and would love to hear from you.


Amy T Schubert said...

this reminds me of that quote from William Faulkner about how he only writes when inspiration hits: at 9 every morning (http://www.writerscommunity.net/general-writing/when-does-inspiration-hit)
I think it starts by planning ... but it develops into nurturing that time/place to be your creative best.
Starting that habit triggers your brain that it is time to be creative...
Keep us posted on how it works out!

Monica {bohemian twilight} said...

wait, people plan for blogging?? now i'm thinking i'm missing out on something! lol

i'm terrible at planning, but that's who i am. i have to FEEL the subject, which only happens spontaneously for me.

we each have to find out personal way.

beka*b said...

I think I must be on the exact same page as you on this one :) For myself, my slots of actual available time to engross myself in manefesting my 'art' are limited to evenings and weekends (when the punks have gone to bed and MrB can entertain them). For much of the day I am able to sit and research/plan/write and take photos inbetween punkie demands for food, play and refereeing ;) Most of my planning goes on in my head, so that when I have actual time to escape I am raring to go! Of course then I have battles with my inner procrastinator/perfectionist to also overcome... *sigh* ...it's a work in progress, LOL!

diane said...

amy...yes! it has been a long process of first just getting myself to show up every day - then getting myself to focus my energy - then creating regularly - then finding the space and clarity to think forward. the habit that you mentioned has helped this all evolve for me. i used to wait for inspiration and then scramble around to try to cram creative time into my busy life. or, i would suddenly find some time to sit and create but feel lost or overwhelmed and uninspired. now i plan and protect my creative space, and it is a delicious joy. thanks for your words and support! xo

monica...well, not all people plan for blogging! :D i have always been terrible at planning too. my gypsy side loves to wander, always. and i agree with you - i need to feel my subject, so what i've done is make a "loose plan" of what i feel inspired about (a rough draft outline) and then stay open to the fact that on that day i might not feel it and will go in another direction. i'm finding that it's better for me to have a least a "loose plan" though, or else i get lost and frustrated and discouraged with writer's block. and you're absolutely right - each artist has to find a way of being and doing that works personally. <3

beka...i am amazed and enchanted by mamas like you (and monica up above) who nurture pixies and simultaneously create art. it inspires me deeply and i hope to be able to do that someday. thank you for sharing your process - i'm taking notes. :)

Anonymous said...

I love your blog so much! It is so interesting learning about other peoples' processes, because I feel the same way many times! It is only recently that I have started doing daily posts, because before that I wouldn't pay attention to my little bursts of creativity. Now I am trying to figure out the environments in which I feel really creative and trying to capture inspiration bubbles as quick as I can! For me, if I try to sit down with a pen and paper and write something, it never happens. I get too distracted. So I just try to always keep a notebook with me when I am out and about, because that is usually when I will see a weirdly shaped cloud that reminds me of a platypus, or a weirdly shaped dog that reminds me how much I love weird dogs, and then I feel inspired!

Well, I just wanted to say you are doing a great job, because your blog is one of the ones I look forward to the most!

Lauren Clare said...

Again you inspire me with your creative process!
I often have to go through things in my head for a while, constantly thinking about 1 or many projects at a time, then when it comes down to doing it I can normally just flow with it. But when that doesn't happen writing things down, breaking the project down to small tasks helps too.
A completed To Do list always make me feel better too.

Thank you again for your words


keishua said...

I have just started to plan, to get into the groove and to write on a regular basis. It is hard but I like it. I think it makes me thoughtful and intentional in my work. I am slowly seeing my own voice emerge and it is a powerful experience. Thanks for sharing your process.

Anonymous said...

it's been very similar for me. I do plan my blog posts, try to work regularly, and this thaught me a lot about my other creative work. waiting for inspiration sounds nice, but inspiration often comes while working. I think it's a nice thought to be struck by inspiration, but in reality it is something you have to work for. and I quite like that it is that way :)

diane said...

katie...oh wow! thank you for your super sweet comments! i really love having you here and your haikus make me incredibly happy on a regular basis. i, too, have been working on my 'capturing' system because many of my ideas happen at totally random times. lately i've been using my phone to catch everything through typing, photos, and voice notes.

lauren...yes, there are many things that have to 'marinate' in my head for awhile. and doesn't a completed to-do list feel great? thanks for sharing your process.

keishua...it is hard, isn't it? it's work, but such satisfying work. you are right - the regularity leads to thoughtfulness and intention. i really love that you shared this and very much enjoy reading your writing!

petra...i absolutely love your quote: "i think it's a nice thought to be struck by inspiration, but in reality it is something you have to work for." so very true! i find that the inspiration comes to me at so many random times, but the planning helps me sit down and actually make those ideas into something real. thanks for saying this, i really appreciate it. xo