sun soak + down time

my pup daria loves to lay in the morning sunshine...

she basks in the warm morning rays, resting and recharging peacefully.

i need to do precisely the same thing this weekend.

the plan: to lounge like a lizard on a hot rock in the early sunshine and do absolutely nothing.


doesn't that sound divine?

a gentle offering from your innkeeper: make some time to do absolutely nothing as soon as possible.

if you feel you are just too busy, perhaps you could start with this and work your way up to sunshiney lizard lounging.

either way, i promise you it will be good for your health.

wishing you a wondrous weekend!



The Beetle Shack said...

Hi, i have just found your awesome blog! Loving your garden, intrigued by the 'tree' in your house and seriously WANT your hair cut! Make me your 92nd follower- thats alot, how'd ya do that?

xo em

Mim Smith Faro said...

Have fun lounging!

ALFIE said...

there is nothing as glorious as basking in the sunshine!

it was abundant here yesterday---and for that i'm SO thankful!

have a great weekend!

tea and chickadees said...

Gracie often whines to go outside on a sunny day, just so she can find a particularly sunny spot to lie on in the backyard.
Yet, I don't follow her out and do likewise. Silly me! Sadly, the weekend forecast where I am is calling for clouds & rain. I'll have to follow the advice of doing nothing, but in a rainy day kinda way. :)

tea and chickadees said...

p.s. just checked my weather forecast & now it's going to be sunny all weekend long! so, you will find me all lizard-like on a rock soaking in the sun, doing much of nothing. :)

Cat said...

We can learn a lot from pups...find a patch of sunshine and enjoy your weekend!

xx Cat brideblu

Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting me stop by...my little guy does the same thing, just loves the sun!...

bicocacolors said...

cuanto amo "il dolce fare niente"!Happy weekend dear Diane!

Anonymous said...

here's to lizard lounging! it sounds perfect.


diane said...

em...wow! so wonderful to have you as a new guest. thanks for all the excitement. i seriously want YOUR haircut! welcome to the inn. :D

mim + alfie...thank you, friends.

caren...i'm thrilled to hear that your forecast changed. have fun being lizardy!

lisa...i love that you stopped by. :)

elena...¡absolutamente! abrazos y besos, mi amiga.

lindsey...cheers! lovely to 'meet' you. just visited your blog -> any friend of dear kat is a friend of mine. xo

La sonrisa de HiperiĆ³n said...

Como siempre un placer haber vuelto a pasar por tu casa. Pasa un feliz fon de semana.

Saludos y un abrazo.

PuNk rAwK pUrL said...

Yay for cute pups & lizard lounging in the sun!! Rosco & I sun lounge as often as possible!

diane said...

antonio...saludos! muchas gracias. con gusto. :)

tammy...i imagine rosco in his cool cat sunglasses sipping on a frosty beverage filled with fish-shaped ice cubes. what a handsome hunk!