green dreams

experienced gardeners have been planning for months: ordering seeds, nurturing starters, plotting layouts, purchasing plants.

someday, i hope to be like these wonderful people.

for now, however, i am a new gardener who gets dreamy in the spring but doesn't take action until the may sunshine is suddenly warm and toasty.

even though i haven't physically done anything to get my garden ready, i'm currently in dreaming and planning mode.

here are a few bits of inspiration:

this recent picture of my rosemary (still thriving from last year's garden) reminds me that i can indeed grow things...

{photo by lance}

this book has been a favorite part of my summer reading list for several years, and now i'm reading it again every morning at breakfast...

this blog is a recent discovery and great resource for 'horticultural how-to and woo-woo'...

are any of you growing a garden this year? if so, any favorite resources?


Felicity said...

I going to request that book from the library. I checked it out a couple years ago and got sidetracked. So many books, so little time. : )

Mim Smith Faro said...

I have a grey thumb- not quite black but close! Have fun!!!

cb said...

yay green thumb! funny, my rosemary plant i pay the least attention too and it is growing like a WEED! but my basil is a totally different story!


diane said...

felicity...i always go through such an inner guilt trip when i check a book out and then have to return it without having read it. but it happens -> much more frequently than i care to admit! :D

mim...a grey thumb! you made me giggle. i am surprised to hear you say this, though. is it that you don't enjoy growing stuff, or you feel you are not good at it?

cb...rosemary is the perfect northern california plant to make you feel like a CHAMP! it grows so well here. i love it. alas, i have had my basil woes as well.