{spring flings} basket full of fresh

my first visit to the farmer's market this year was a joyful event.

a sunny afternoon strolling around with my sweet, listening to live music, hanging out with friends, chatting with local farmers, and buying delicious fresh food is heavenly for me.

here is my basket after the trip...

i think goods from the market are beautiful, so i spent the afternoon on my front porch capturing them with my camera...


{the plan: a leek quiche or tart}

{mixed greens}

{the plan: apples + walnuts + goat cheese + balsamic vinaigrette}


{the plan: pesto}

{coffee -> local company + refillable steel can}

{the plan: french press}

as you can see in my photo notes, i am trying a new meal planning routine this summer. after visiting the farmer's market on sunday, i will plan the week's meals based on what i purchase and then fill in the other necessary ingredients during my grocery store trip on monday.

although i have been meal planning for years, i have had a difficult time incorporating the farmer's market effectively into my system. i always come home from the market with special treats (like fresh dates or local goat cheese) but this way i think i will use seasonal produce more purposefully and expand my cooking repertoire. i think it's going to be really fun! 


cb said...

i always think the stalls always look so amazing, all those colors together! i am hoping to go to the farmers market this saturday and get some yummy homemade indian food!


PuNk rAwK pUrL said...

i tend to get lost in the colors and textures of the farmers markets & do the same... come home w/ random (but awesome) treats & no idea what to do with them! looking forward to gaining some inspiration from your posts/tweets about this.

ALFIE said...

lovely buys! i've been working on better incorporating the farmers market into my meals as well!

diane said...

cb...oh, that sounds delicious! paneer tikka masala, fresh naan, and a mango lassi would be my choice. yum.

tammy...you should know that pie is definitely going to be part of this process. :D

alfie...thank you. i'm looking forward to seeing your garden grow!