music makes us fast friends

my best friend's toddler twins recently started their first music class...

i had the pleasure of being with them during their first day in class.

the teacher was wonderful and warm, a person who the kids immediately connected with and loved.

she explained to us that during class, the children are free to explore, express, join, watch, wander, and play.

in the middle of class, she was introducing a new song when one twin felt spontaneously inspired to run up and throw his arms around her in a giant toddler embrace.

she immediately hugged him back, smiled a radiant smile, and without missing a beat said:
my heart nearly burst with joy upon witnessing this scene.

to express my love of this idea, i bring you two videos...

{fast friends}



The Beetle Shack said...

this warms my heart also! how beautiful!

Mim Smith Faro said...

The funny or die video was surprisingly sweet! The other video is just lovely.

It made me smile.

PuNk rAwK pUrL said...

ohhhh Don Draper w/ an adorable puppet. the cuteness is outta control. ;^D
& love that illustration.

diane said...

friends, i am happy to have inspired warm hearts, smiles, and love.

tammy...jon hamm + a blue yeti puppet + a vintage convertible = bliss.