hand made mug: swirly birds

when traipsing about the world on adventures, there is one thing i love to collect: hand made mugs.

it makes me so happy to sip my coffee or tea out of a piece of beautiful art. i consider it a special everyday luxury.

at maker faire last weekend, i visited the bazaar bizarre and found catherine reece, a local pottery artist whose whimsical creations captured me instantly.

i bought one of her pieces to add to my mug collection...

{i could not resist these swirly plumes}

{a sweet little yellow fellow}

{stack of birds}

{my favorite -> that hairdo melts me}

{smitten with swirls}

{pale yellow spiral}

there were many other pieces i loved. my next purchase from her will be these...

rainbow bird vases

{rainbow + birds + tiny vases = love!}

visit catherine's etsy shop to see more of her lovely work.


bicocacolors said...

those are soooo cute!!!

have a happy day Diane!!!

Krystal said...

these are really cute, I always want to go make my own pottery and paint them! I need to get on that.

silvii tron said...

Great purchase! I'm all about the big mugs first (means more tea) and then to make the cut, the design has to get me.

cb said...

i've see her stuff on etsy, it is so cute! and who wouldn't want to drink out of a chicky cup!!


Catriona said...

Yea I would have bought them too. Lovely lovely blog!

Monica said...

i love mugs and cups of all kinds, but yes especially hand made. LOVE swirls. these are very sweet.

ALFIE said...

lovelovelove these!!!! so so cute!!!

ps: love the new "about" sections too! really enjoyed the intimate look at my favorite inn :)

keishua said...

cute! I love birds, personally. Hmm...after my move, I hope to have one those in my hand. Have a sweet weekend.

Lynn {hearted girl} said...

oh i adore these darling chirpers on those hand made mugs. it does feel different when you sip away using something that special. glad you found a new one to add to your collection. the little vases are too cute, i can see why you're going back for more!

and Diane, your oatmeal recipe above looks d-vine! most certainly a type of Nirvana, my soul would def feel free munching on that tasty treat! happy new week wishes. ♥

diane said...

thanks for all the cute bird love, everyone!

silvii...i love love love big mugs.

catriona...thank you! welcome to the inn. i have fallen instantly in love with foxglove lane. <3

alfie...so happy you checked out the new sections! i've needed to do those for many many moons.

lynn...lovely to see you, my dear! xo

alex said...

Too cute!<3

diane said...

alex...thanks, and welcome to the inn! <3