country mouse + city mouse

i have returned from my san francisco adventures to my life in sonoma county...

my childhood was spent in a small ohio town and my twenties were spent in the big cities of los angeles and san francisco.

now, in my thirties, i have found a balance for myself between small town life and city adventures.

after living in both environments, i engaged in a great deal of soul searching.  finally i discovered that i am a country mouse who loves to visit the city...

i love zipping into san francisco to visit my friends, eat delicious food, see concerts and shows, visit my favorite hair stylist, shop, explore, and soak in the diverse vibrant life that bustles in the city.

i am equally as happy to return to sebastopol where i live a country life in our treehouse on a hill.  i love being here to create, rest, grow a garden, meditate, read, cook, and enjoy having plenty of beautiful space.

there was a point in my story where i thought i had to make an absolute choice between one or the other.

i am very grateful to have found a scenario which allows me to experience both.

it's one of the many ways that life has surprised me by being bigger, grander, and more amazing than i ever imagined possible.

are you a country mouse, a city mouse, or both?


beka*b said...

I am now a country mouse, though have lived in a large town and worked in the city mostly. But I have always wanted to live in the 'sticks' as it were. I miss some of the conveniences of city mouse living, but not the noise or the hustle-bustle and competition. I think it really depends where you are in life whether or not you are city/country mice ;)

diane said...

beka...my choices have indeed changed as my years have collected. :D

Mary said...

while not technically, I am definitely both. i love the city but i would happiest in a small country home, i think.

who knows where i'll end up though. it's all a mystery.

it's nice to hear that you've found a way to have both.

have a lovely weekend.

Mim Smith Faro said...

I wish we lived closer to Philadelphia. I actually wish my nice little community was closer to Philly. It's just an hour away on a good day, but I wish it was even closer.

diane said...

mary...enjoy the mystery. it's part of the fun and i wish i had realized that sooner. :)

mim...i'm an hour away from the city too, which is just enough to make visits less frequent than i would prefer.