now announcing...

post number...


here is a quick glance back at fifty + one hundred.

what i want to say here is simple:

* i love blogging.

* i adore each of you who chooses to spend some of your valuable time here at the inn.

* i am surprised + grateful to have made it this far.

* i feel endlessly excited about the days ahead.



Lynn {hearted girl} said...

yah! happy 200th diane, may you swing on every star to celebrate this epic haul!

um, super cute photo for this post, i love the metallic look with the pretty flowers. ♥

pea ess: thanks for your comment, so glad you're on the "kidulthood" train with me. xo

diane said...

lynn...thank you so much! the photo is a picture i took of some gorgeous vintage wallpaper at my grandfather's house. i love it + stare at it every time i'm there. :D

cheers to "kidulthood!"

Petra said...

yeah! congratulations!!! I'm excited to see what you have in store for us for the next 200 posts!


Mim Smith Faro said...

Happy Blog-i-stone!

I am still in a funk when it comes to blogging-even though it's been a long time since I was a prolific blogger- I wish I was more committed to blogging.

Keep up the good work! And thank-you for sharing your world with me.

Kagan said...

Hooray for 200! I think it's amazing to look back and see everything remembered.

Every time I visit I want to sing, "Carry moonbeams home in a jar.." Did you love Little Lulu too??


diane said...

petra...thank you so much!

mim...i appreciate the love. i have had several blog funks that i had to work through, but when i do find my inspiration it's big + energetic. i hope your funk clears + you find a place that fuels you. xo

kagan...i appreciate your excitement! i did not know about little lulu + my curiosity led me to an online search. i found the classic cartoon on youtube. how i love that old school animation!

sara said...

[throws confetti, rings bell]

diane said...

[does a happy dance]