{guest post} where wednesday at sagebrush coast

some exciting news for this innkeeper:

sara of sagebrush coast invited me to write my first ever guest post on her lovely blog today!

i wrote this post for a series called "where wednesday" which she describes as:

a regular feature where I and a series of guest bloggers
talk about places that are important to us,
be they work spaces, outdoor spaces, sleeping spaces,
places we visit, places we live, places we drink coffee, etc.

sara and i have been bloggy pals for a year. we met in last year's indie biz 2.0 online course and have been communicating via the interwebs ever since.

since we both live in the san francisco area, we decided that we should meet in person and finally spent the afternoon together last weekend!

she came up to the north bay and we spent the day eating delicious food, adventuring, sipping coffee, and chatting away.  it was quite fun to meet my first blog friend in real life. she is wonderful and brought me two gorgeous flora prints taken by her talented photographer hubby scott.

i adore sara and encourage you to visit her beautiful blog!


Anonymous said...

nice post, and nice new blog :) looks like we both have been spending a lot of time with the same book (even though I might be wrong since all I can see is the back of it ;)


diane said...

petra...the book in my lap is eckhart tolle's "a new earth" - is that the same thing you're reading?

Lynn {hearted girl} said...

hey girls, me too! i'm reading it right now. i love his "now-ness". he actually has a home here in BC and i've always hoped i'd spot him on the street or something.

i'll check out your guest post asap, excited to see and meet sara too. so cool you two got together like that, sounds like quite the amazing day! ♥

diane said...

lynn...i'm a big fan of eckhart. i read this book when it first came out + as you can see in the photo, i have put post-it flags all over the place inside. so much important stuff! i pick it up + reread it often. oprah did a video series with him where they discuss each chapter in depth -> if it's still available on her site, i very highly recommend it. xo

Anonymous said...

yes, same book. just gave it a second go a few weeks ago. def something to reread over and over. I can't stomach his videos though (the German accent - and I'm allowed to moan being German myself, lol...).

diane said...

petra...wow! i'm so amazed you recognized it from the picture. strangely, i find his accent relaxing. :D it truly is an excellent book + has helped me tremendously through the last few years.