{love} one hundred things

there is a lot of love in the air this week!

i love to celebrate love.

in the spirit of l'amour, here is a recent list i made:


Aurum Doily said...

This is so clever. I love turquoise and red too. So pretty.

diane said...

aurum...thank you + welcome to the inn! :)

Anonymous said...

great idea - maybe I should make a list like this just to remind me of the good things in my life :)

Emily said...

One thing I love: this list.

Sarah said...

Aw, I love a good love list! And this one is pretty darn amazing!

Happy belated Valentine's day, Diane!

beka*b said...

What a great list - so many familiar things to love :)

diane said...

petra...yes! it's a wonderful gift to yourself. i listened to powerful music + wrote as quickly as i could so i couldn't sensor myself.

emily...thank you, my dear. xo

sarah...thanks! lots of love right back to you. <3

beka*b...you are so kind. i just remembered that i want to talk to you about the faeries oracle!!! i have had that deck for years + would love to chat about it with you. :)

kat said...

Great idea for a post on Love, SO many of them are faves of mine too, glad to spot butterflies on your list :)
And stationery supplies and rose lip balm too
Kat x

diane said...

kat...butterflies always have been + i suspect always will be one of my favorite things in the whole wide world. xo