vintage luggage: the bertha sisters

many years ago, my mother generously gave me one of her vintage samsonite suitcases.

it was an enormous piece of luggage, electric cherry red and lined with salmon satin.

i fell completely in love with this fabulous behemoth and named her big bertha.

over the years, my mother gave me two of the other pieces: a small suitcase who i named little bertha and a train case who i named beauty bertha.

when i visited home last fall, i obtained the final piece in the set: a tote that looks like a bowling bag.

i named her bowling bertha, of course.

someday i plan to photograph all four sisters together again.

for now, i'd simply like to give you a sneak peek of the long lost saucy sister, bowling bertha...


Emily said...

It's gorgeous! I would love to acquire a collection like that someday - just a shame good luggage is so expensive.

Felicity said...

She's a total babe! I love the names you gave them. : )

Jaime said...

Oooooh how luscious! I remember admiring Beauty Bertha one time you had her out in the bathroom. I am excited to learn of her legacy.

diane said...

emily...thank you! the whole set definitely needs some restoration, but i think it's amazing how good luggage lasts.

felicity...i appreciate that you called bowling bertha a babe. she's flattered as well.

jaime...i have carried beauty bertha around for years and am so excited that you remember seeing her! :)

Sarah said...

Gah! What a gorgeous red!

P.S. Happy to hear there's another Big Love fan out there, I've been having trouble finding one! <3

diane said...

sarah...thank you! isn't that red crazy wonderful?

and yes: i'm a devoted big love fan! i will be watching the latest episode later tonight. :)

bicocacolors said...

dear Diana,
this post has filled me with emotion, did you know that I designed 18 for Samsonite?

A big hug and buen viaje!!

diane said...

elena...i would loooooove to hear more about your samsonite design experience! how amazing. a big hug back to you. xo