weeds + water: you say tomato

it was a tough summer on the hill, as far as tomatoes go.

the weather was cold and chilly at all the wrong times.

the weather was hot and scorchy at all the wrong times.

the foliage was vibrant and the blooms were plentiful, but many of the flowers did not turn into fruit.

of those that did, many ripened and fell off when quite small.

i kept finding the tiniest little tomatoes lying in the dirt, perfectly red but only the size of a pea.

despite my constant attention to the plants, i did not have an abundant crop like i did last year.

however, the tomatoes that did make it through the mercurial elements have been beautiful, robust, and sweet.

take a look at these lovely wonders...

am i disappointed in the size of the harvest?

just a little.

but when i think of how much joy i got out of the process:

watering the plants in the morning mist

staring at the velvet fuzzy stems

photographing the delicate yellow blossoms

squealing with joy when discovering the first fruit forming

admiring the lovely color palettes when ripening

smelling the ultra green fragrance on my hands after touching the plants

tasting the sweet savory sunshine in the ripe fruit

how can i truly be sad?

gardening is both a journey and a destination.

and i love both.


Mim Smith Faro said...

I have an absolutely black thumb and so I have never been successful growing vegetables. I love your tiny tomatoes. They are very cheery :)

diane said...

mim...i just starting gardening last summer, so this is only my second harvest. this year had some major disasters that i haven't blogged. for example, i didn't photograph my aphid-filled purple basil or my wilty dehydrated beets! :P

Anonymous said...

gardening is such a lovely adventure. i know you wish they were bigger...but damn if those aren't the cutest tomato i've ever seen! i hope they were delicious morsels ;)

diane said...

sara...thanks for the teeny tomato love!

yes, they were sweet little morsels of happy.