tapas for two

it is friday night.

there are two middle school teachers living in this house.

we both normally love to cook.

but not on friday nights.

these nights are for serious decompression.

this was our dinner tonight...

it was accompanied by a frosty cold beverage...


Anonymous said...

mmmm...i love snacks for dinner! we sometimes do a bread-hummus-olive-fruit dinner, delish!

MeeshOne.Love said...

i would eat snacks for meals all day long if it were up to me! sounds like a good friday!

Mim Smith Faro said...

My husband and I are both teachers too. I know what you mean about Friday tiredness ;)

diane said...

sara...that combo rocks. olives are in my top ten favorite foods. also, i am hooked on edamame hummus lately.

meesh...snack meals are awesome. but i must say, your meal meals have been looking deeeeelish!

mim...friday night in a double teacher house = total wipeout exhaustion.