watercolor + ink: classic halloween treats

it was a rainy weekend on the hill.

we got super cozy in the treehouse, opting to stay home for a few days while water poured out of the sky sideways.

saturday afternoon, i pulled out my watercolors and created a few sketchbook paintings of my favorite halloween sweets...

close up snaps of the delights...

note: the last picture inspired me to choose caramels as my treat to make this year.

today: i got really excited about this choice and stocked up on heavy cream, wax paper, and treat bags.

later this week: a forthcoming post about my astonishing repository of caramel recipes and my first attempt at making homemade caramels.


cb said...

such cute illustrations :)


Mim Smith Faro said...

Love the illustrations! Can't wait to see the caramels. I love salted caramels. Yum.

Anonymous said...

super cute! you have cool handwriting too. let the caramel adventures begin!

diane said...

cb...thank you! <3

mim...i'm so excited about those caramels. have you made any before?

sara...thanks for the handwriting love!

now, onward and upward to caramel adventure land!

*fanfare and flourish*

Felicity said...

These are so sweet!

diane said...

felicity...thank you, and welcome!

Amy T Schubert said...

love these ... what kind of black pen are you using?