foodstuff: arizmendi bakery

on saturday, i had the pleasure of delivering a beautiful cake from arizmendi bakery to one of my best friends...

she emailed me last week to ask if i could swing through our former san francisco neighborhood and pick it up on the way to her house.

her message included the following statement:

"it's so good it will blow your eyes off of your head."

she is my soul mate in baked goods madness, thus with these words i knew i was in for heavenly sweetness.

and oh, dear friends. this cake is a rich, sweet, buttery, salty dream.

i shall miss those eyes of mine. 

arizmendi bakery is a worker-owned co-op and that specializes in rustic morning pastries, artisan breads, and gourmet pizza...

a list of my favorite menu items...
  • pecan rolls
  • cheese rolls
  • corn-cherry scones
  • shortbread
  • pizza (different every day: my slice on saturday was topped with shiitake + portabella + button mushrooms and sesame + ginger + garlic vinaigrette)
it is with great pleasure that i add the following to this list...
  • chocolate fudge cake + salted caramel frosting


thursday said...

hehehehe, blow the eyes off your head. hehehe - I'll still be laughing when I wake up.

diane said...

thursday...i totally agree. so funny!