burn baby burn!

tonight, the man burns...

this week is the event known as burning man and tonight is the burn...

oh, how i wish i was there right now!

some virtual participation:

live streaming video from the playa

my flickr gallery from last year

sending all my love to black rock city.

burn it up, my friends!

i am so excited to read about next year's theme tonight...


Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing the playa-cam...good to get a taste of the dust ;)

i'm loving the Burning Man blog too:

Kevwrex said...

Feel the Warmth!

Ami said...

It was spectacular...Ben, Becca, Loveless, Jono, and I sat in the dust about half way to the man...just the five of us, with dust storms whirling around us. Sometimes we could see all the Art Cars, and sometimes...well nothing but the man, as though it was hovering above the playa....so cool!


diane said...

sara...i lived vicariously through the cam and blog this year!

kev...thanks for the awesome treehouse burn party.

ami...that sounds so incredibly beautiful. i can hardly wait to hear your stories! xo