all the world's a stage

a fact about me: i teach middle school drama.

{insert joke about the irony of teaching drama to adolescents here}


last week, i presented several scripts to my students and asked them to choose their favorite one for our fall production.

i was surprised and delighted with their choice: a short comedy about the life and works of william shakespeare!




it's a play that teaches the audience all of the basics about the bard.

why did the students choose this script?

well, it has eloquent poetry, slapstick comedy, angsty tragedy, turbulent history...a chaotic combination of the finest writing + tomfoolery available!  it truly is a wonderful mix of highbrow + lowbrow, perfect for this age group.

this production will be my first time directing middle school students using will's words.


must breathe deeply!

if i make it out alive, i will report back with tales of shakespearey adventures...



Fritzi Marie said...

How fun. I remember my days in middle school drama very well. I had the most fun. I went to school to be a middle school history teacher. I love that age. They are fun fun fun.

You and your students will be AMAZING!


Amy T Schubert said...

hhah! so fun!
In my high school drama we did Hair.
Yes. the hippie musical ....
can't wait to hear your stories :)

jackiebean said...

aww, diane! that's really cool. i'm sure it will be wonderful and a ton of fun.

i always loved going to my middle school and high school plays. your stories will really bring me back.


ALFIE said...

this is so incredibly exciting! i love middle-schoolers. i love seeing them break out of their awkwardness and shine. what an honor you have to be a part of that! can't wait to hear more!

diane said...

fritzi marie...i did not know about your history teacher history! indeed, what an amazing experience middle school is.

amy...hair in high school?!? that's awesome. did you see the revival number on the tony awards?

jackie...thank you kindly for the vote of confidence! <3

alfie...yes, it is quite an honor to support their creative and personal growth. challenging at times, but deeply satisfying.