wine and yurts

i spent last week working on two exciting creative projects:

designing a new internet presence for our family winery


preparing for + teaching a workshop on how to build a hexayurt

i am planning to elaborate on both of these projects soon with words and pictures...

but tonight, i am:

catching my breath after a week of intense creative output


mentally preparing for school to start 
(this is the last official week of summer vacation)


ALFIE said...

oh my! the yurts! i have been itching to spend a warm summer night in one :)

MeeshOne.Love said...

family winery! do share!
last summer i spent some of the most magical hours of my life in a teepee...my fist time ever, in an official one...i loved it and i think about it all the time...we will definitely have one one day. but the yurt! this is something that peaks my interest! when i was going to attend school at the white lotus foundation i learned that i would have the chance to bunk in a yurt...you can imagine my excitement...but then there were fires and i never heard back...i'm not even sure if the school is still standing, most likely it is. but i missed that chance and i just know there has to be another...do you have one?

diane said...

hello beautiful women!

thanks for the love.

just dropping in to promise more wine and yurt details soon...i can hardly wait to share it all with you!