foodstuff: plum tuckered out

while wandering around outside last week, i discovered two plum trees on the property that are simply bursting with ripe fruit...

i got really excited about this and filled two bowls with the beautiful plums...

the golden plums were mild and sweet, and the magenta plums were a tropical floral on the inside with a delicious tart skin.  upon biting into one i exclaimed, "it tastes like hawaii!"

with a kitchen full of pretty plums, i searched through cookbooks and decided that i would make a rustic plum galette.

it's basically a super easy butter crust filled with sugary fruit and baked.

i followed the recipe and it looked like this...

i was sooooo excited to bite into this treat when it came out of the oven.

what's not to love about a golden brown buttery crust filled with sugared plums that taste like hawaii?

kevwrex and i each took a big bite and...

{insert drum roll here}

instantly puckered up.

simultaneous sour faces.

that silly galette was face-contortingly tart...

{insert sad trombone here}

despite the sugar in the recipe, i think the plum skins released all of their sourness when roasting and made the whole thing essentially inedible.

we tried to eat it, but sadly could not bear to chomp through such intense tartness.

i had to let it go.

but i am too tenacious to end on a plum galette fail.

luckily, the crust recipe made enough dough for two galettes.

so i filled the second crust with fresh pineapple, brown sugar, and butter.

i am most pleased to report that it was so delicious that it was devoured rather than photographed.

i do believe that's a sign of a good galette.

{insert rim shot here}


Hearthandmade said...

lmao this made me laugh about the sourness :) they look delicious!!

ALFIE said...

this looks incredible! will definately have to get brave and give it a go :)

alyssa said...

Agghh...that same thing happened to me. I think I was trying to make a plumb cobbler, and it turned out SO sour. I was really sad! At least it looks pretty :)

Kyla Roma said...

lol Oh no!! It's got looks though! :)