weeds + water wednesday: mulch

although it's exhilarating, please try to contain your excitement:

i mulched my garden this week.

that's right, ladies and gentlemen.

wood chips mixed with compost, aka mulch, is the thrilling topic of the week here at the dew drop inn garden.

some of my plants were droopy and my close friend/next door neighbor/garden pal told me twice that i needed to mulch everything.  he said that because we live on a hot hill, i need to use mulch to moderate the soil temperature.

so i got my mulch on and covered those beauties in a fragrant wood concoction.

it was a very satisfying process indeed.  i found it relaxing and peaceful to get up close to my plants again and cover their soil.

in other news, i used a few tiny clippings of herbs when cooking tonight:

parsley for edamame hummus...

cilantro for fish taco baja cream...

on the garden agenda for this week:
  • use a nitrogen rich fertilizer
  • replant a few lovelies who are already too big for their pots
  • take notes in my cute new garden journal from the wonderful ms. heidi pumpkin pie at bury me in leaves
  • snap some photos!


jackiebean said...

glad to hear the gardening is coming along, and that you have gotten to use a few herbs already! yay!

i love fish tacos. mmm. would you mind sharing your recipe sometime? it is one of our go-to easy dinners at our house, and i would love to know how *you* make them!

diane said...

ms. jackiebean, our recipe is ridiculously simple.

we make fish tacos when we want super yummy + super easy.


corn tortillas + fish (usually halibut or tilapia) + shredded cabbage + baja cream.

baja cream:

mayo + sour cream + lime juice + lime zest + cilantro.

optional stuff:

black beans + white cheddar/jack + spanish rice.


kat ann said...

ahh! i love your little herb plants! im wanting to start a herb garden of my own! how do it start???

diane said...

hello kat ann!

as meryl streep says, "start by starting."

grab some lovely little plants, put them in pots, and see what happens.

i know very little about gardening but i wanted to start an herb garden so i just did it.

i am learning the things i need to know as i go.

i hope you try it...it's soooo satisfying! :)