fanfare for...



oh my!

it feels like i just arrived at fifty.

i must express that writing this blog brings me true joy.

here at the dew drop inn, i am experiencing:

the power of jumping in, 
starting something new, 
+ learning as i go

the freedom of releasing perfectionism

the value of small devoted steps

the feeling of virtual connection + friendship

daily artistic inspiration

a space where my dream of being
a magical innkeeper + creative curator 
is real

i am grateful to you, dear readers, for your presence, support, and energy.

it is my pleasure to have you at the dew drop inn.

and it would delight me to have you as my honored guests for at least a hundred more posts.



Fritzi Marie said...

Happy 100th Dearie.
Wishing you many many more.
love and hugs,
Fritzi Marie

ALFIE said...

congrats on 100! love your list here! always a treat to come to your blog :)

jackiebean said...

yay for 100 posts! do a happy dance!

D&D said...

congrats! 100 is indeed a milestone.

cheers to 200!

MeeshOne.Love said...

no no...thank you! for gracing us with your wonderful words and inspiration! i can't wait to see what post 200 looks like! ;) xoxo

diane said...

oh, dear friends!

reading your words makes me feel so happy.

what wonderful, sweet, thoughtful people you are.

i am grateful for you.