summer stuff

it has been gloriously HOT here on the hill for the last few days.

there is something i love to make on a sweltering summer afternoon...

1 cup fresh lemon juice + simple syrup + 4 cups cold water

i find that every batch is different depending on the lemons, so i always taste and adjust by adding any of the above until i love it.

it is delicious just like this, but if you're feeling adventurous you can add fun things like strawberries, mint, ginger, or cucumber.

serve with lots of ice and a lemon wheel garnish.

so refreshing!


ALFIE said...

mmmmmm! sounds great! can't wait to whip some up as soon as it's sunny again here!!

Sal said...

oh yum! been meaning to make lemonade but keep on forgetting to buy lemons! doh!

diane said...

@alfie...hope you are having some sunshine now! and lemonade to go along with it.

@sal...next time you see some lemons i hope you think of this and bring them home for sweet deliciousness!