maker faire memories

several weeks ago, i spent a fabulous saturday at the maker faire.

basically, it's a festival for people who make cool things.  think science fair + art show + craft extravaganza with lots of burning man installations, delicious food, eccentric performers, and plenty of amazing things that shoot fire.

it was slightly overwhelming, the amount of awesome that was available to be seen and experienced.

i had an especially good time in the artsy craftsy building.  i collected information from some of my favorite artists to share with you...

poetry for sale on demand.  soooo cool.  this artist had a beautiful array of vintage typewriters and paper.  you choose one of each, supply her with some basic information, and for a small price she creates a poem on demand for you.  it can be stored in one of her lovely little vintage bottles or framed on the spot.

i just adore this idea.  interactive, original, personal.

here is a post she wrote about her experience at the faire.

gorgeous prints.  i plan to purchase this silkscreen someday...

"underwater circus"

art by bill robinson.  the name is fantastic.  his style has a classic old animation feel.  two prints i fell in love with...

"books in space"

"palace of fine squids"

steampunkish cartoons.  i was enamored with this poster...

"the hierarchy of beards"

adorable plush.  i love her tiny mushrooms for adoption and the peas in a pod...

there were at least a gazillion more stunning creations i could rave about.  

what i truly loved most was being in the midst of people who are passionate about making things!


MeeshOne.Love said...

that sounds so fun! i love those little mushrooms too! thanks for the love, love!
im getting excited about renegade...i hope all goes well and i can actually make it! are you girls still doing thursday chats? i forgot all about them until today. keep me posted on the plans...if there are any!

jackiebean said...

the maker faire sounded awesome! can i just say, i'm slightly jealous that you went? ;) i love the underwater circus print too. so cute.

diane said...

@meesh...i fell off the map with the indie biz plans but am planning to go to renegade for sure! would love to meet you. <3

@jackiebean...it was so awesome. they are doing faires all over the country. perhaps one will happen near you soon? or next year you will be closer to the west coast and can come to the bay area faire!