weeds + water wednesday: "the 350 garden challenge"

welcome to the second week of the dew drop inn garden project.

in the actual garden, there was not much progress this week.  the spring rains returned and for several days the blustery cold storms ruined my weeding and soil rejuvenation plans.

however, i was quite delighted to discover that my community is sponsoring the 350 garden challenge this weekend!

the idea of the challenge is that as many people as possible will commit to planting 350 water-wise gardens throughout sonoma county this weekend.  some will be working in volunteer teams to create community gardens, and others (like me) will be designing their own little green corner of the universe.

i registered this week to be a part of the project.

an email just arrived with lots of coupons for discounts on local plants and supplies.  yes!

the timing of this project is excellent and really has me motivated to get that garden going.  

now all i need is sunshine and some lovely little plants!

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