pomp and circumstance

let us begin this beautiful week with an announcement:

*insert trumpet fanfare here*

i have officially graduated from my indie biz course!

it was a wonderful experience.

a heartfelt thank you to my three wonderful teachers:

leigh-ann of freckled nest
jill of lune vintage

during this class, i learned a wealth of information about "starting, surviving, and succeeding" indie business.  i expected to learn this based on the course description, and it was well worth the investment of my time and money.

what i didn't expect was all the inner personal artistic growth.  i learned so much about myself and my artistic style, strengths, needs, and dreams.  

i also met many kindred spirits in club indie who are generous, warm, and thoughtful.  oh, and crazy talented!  check out this page for links to their worlds.

ultimately, this was a really cool way to start my year, feed my imagination, make new friends, and plant seeds for my future.



Parker said...

Congratulations Pretty Diane.

Fritzi Marie

p.s. My husband wants me to put my certificate up in my office. Silly, but I probably will just for him.

Morganism said...

Diane! I went to Club Indie to read your message. I quite like that flickr group. Bicycles are too magical to have plain backgrounds. Thank you for the encouraging words! If you ever want to email me, with anything, really, here's my email: rare.morganism@gmail.com


Skooks said...

I agree. Indie Biz was AWESOME! So many awesome people, experiences, projects, inspiration abounding, etc etc etc.

I can't wait to see everyone's businesses just take off like crazy! :)

MeeshOne.Love said...

yes yes! give thanks for indie biz! i am so proud of us all for doing it...and i LoVe the amazing girls i've met in the process! i hope we all continue to inspire and encourage one another forever...and ever. ;)
Love Love, Kiss Kiss.

Morganism said...

What the? I was sure I replied to you somewhere! But, it seems to have gone poof! I got your message on Club Indie. I responded with something like, "Objects as magical as bicycles deserve only beautiful backgrounds." And then I went on to say, "I love that you think of me, and I love you!" Because I tend to ramble, I said, "If you ever need anything, please email me at rare.morganism@gmail.com." <3<3<3

Did I maybe do this somewhere else that I'm missing?

diane said...

hello most lovely and dear morgan!

you did indeed reply to me elsewhere...i purchased my domain this morning, and in the transfer process lost ALL (***gasp***) of my comments on my blog thus far.

i have read that they may or may not return.

full disclosure, i read elsewhere in advance that it might happen and chose to practice the art of detachment in order to allow myself to make the transition.

that being said, i really really really hope they come back! :(

thanks for the love, love! right back atcha.