well, things are evolving by the moment around here.

i took the leap this morning and purchased my domain.

you are now visiting my dot com, lovely readers!

so now i am...

...eeeeep!  i am so so so excited about this.

it was a technically arduous process for a novice tech brain like myself, but with the help of my darling kevwrex (who has the patience and compassion of a bodhisattva) i got it worked out.

sadly, in the transition i lost ALL of my previous comments.

i have read that they may or may not return.

i am a sentimental gal, so if they do not come back i will be a little heartbroken.

but it's official!  

i am queen of my domain and that is that.


Parker said...


When I got my domain I lost all of my comments and I freaked. But guess what, they came back the next day. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you. Congratulations.

hugs hugs and more hugs,

Anonymous said...

Congrats! Loving all the new developments. And here's to many NEW comments ;) (p.s. did you get my email?)

Jaime said...

HURRAY for you!! I am happy to come and stay here anytime. :p